These modifications were created by the community at and have been used on PJ.

Mod Title Description Author
ACP User email list Adds a list separates with ; in the ACP with all email-adresses from your User. So you can fill in it in a BCC - Field of your Webmail-Client! After Version 1.2.0 you can export mailadresses with username combinated and you can choisse between three variants of maildata output djchrisnet
AIR-box Auto Image Resizer Box This mod resizes posted large images to perfectly fit in your layout and shows them in a lightbox. It is based on a small script (airbox.js) that also includes Slimbox (Christophe Beyls). rufuz
AJAX Quick Edit Edit posts quickly without reloading the page. marc1706
Activity Stats Lists of all registered users who have visited the board in the last 24 hours.
- Lists stats on the number of new posts, new topics and new users within the last 24 hours on the index
Highway of Life
Add groups in teampage Add groups in teampage 00mohgta7
Advanced Block Adds more DNS blacklists to phpBB3.
Blacklists can be managed from ACP.
Blacklists can be weighted from 0 to 5 to reach a threshold value of 5 to bring several blacklists in combination for blocking.
Adds a new log for Block actions.
Adds logging to validate_email and check_dnsbl.
Adds WHOIS to logs.
Martin Truckenbrodt
Advertisement Management Adds an easy to use Advertisement Manager to a phpBB3 forum. EXreaction
Annual Stars Users get a star for each year of their membership. eviL<3
Anti-Spam ACP Anti-Spam ACP adds many powerful anti-spam features to your forum such as an IP Search tool, Spam Word list, control over profile fields, flagging suspicious users (for logging their actions), and an easy one click ban link from their profile which clears out their profile and posts.

Current Features:
Spam Log
IP Search
Spam word catcher (like word censor, except makes posts by authors with less than X posts need approval if the post contains any of the words in the list)
Disabling of certain profile fields until X number of posts (or require or always disable)
User Flag (Allows you to flag a user (and unflag after they've been flagged). Once flagged, actions performed by that user to their profile, or editing of posts, or adding posts gets listed on a log in the ACP.)
Stop Forum Spam Integration
One Click Ban
Auto ACP redirection After logging into your ACP, this will instantly redirect you to your ACP. No more "Successfully logged into your ACP" page. EY
Auto Database Backup Automatically backs up your database using the phpBB3 Cron EXreaction
Ban Hammer An MCP module that bans and rids profile data of the usernames entered in the box. You may also use this to remove all their topics, replies, attachment, and PMs they sent. This module aids the moderation team in cleaning spam bot accounts and the trouble they left behind on your forums. SyntaxError90
Basic Forum Icon Legend add a pre-made icon legend to the bottom of the page - forum icons on the index page, and post icons on all forum pages. Spider M. Mann
Code BBcode enhancements Preserves tabs in [code] blocks and eliminates the four spaces that precede every line in Firefox. TerraFrost
Community Moderation This mod adds "upvote" and "downvote" buttons (and the posts' score) to every post. Each user has one vote they can cast on each post, adjusting the score up or down by one point. If a post reaches the "bury" threshold, it is hidden; using the same css styling used to hide posts by "foes". A new permission is added to allow users/groups to vote on posts. By implementing this voting system, forum communities can gain some control over board content without admin or moderator help. Mav
Contact Board Admin Allows registered users and guests to contact either the board founder or admins by either a PM, a Post in a specified forum or via email. RMcGirr83
Custom BBCode Sorting allows an admin to sort custom bbcodes for display in posting in a specific order. Will also show when visiting the ACP bbcode panel if a bbcode is triggered to be displayed on the posting panel or not. RMcGirr83
Custom Titles Adds a custom title field to a user's profile, and displays it next to his or her posts and in his or her profile. Can be configured to only activate after a certain number of days and/or posts. Editing of one's own title and bypassing days and posts requirements are both configurable permissions. andy2295
Display Allowed Extensions Displays the allowed extensions for attachments when making a post or creating a PM. Hovering mouse over the extension will state the allowed file size of the extension RMcGirr83
Download Centre adds a download centre to your phpBB. At this centre you can easily manage your downloads. FreakyBlue
Error Logging Tool Logs phpBB Errors and Warnings in a Custom Error Log, so you can turn off the DEBUG/DEBUG EXTRA for your users and find all errors in the error log.
This makes continues debugging possible after you go live. It is also a great tool for MOD and Style Authors when developing and testing MODs for ease of debugging.
Includes the ability to log possible Template bugs.
The Error Log is created automatically inside the /store/ directory, and will be called php_error.log
Highway of Life
Extend phpBB Breadcrumbs This is a very simple MOD that will allow you to extend the phpBB standard breadcrumbs to any page of the board. For example, installing this MOD, breadcrumbs will shows: Board index ‹ User Control Panel (it will shows also module names eg: Board index ‹ User Control Panel ‹ Edit global settings). It adds also the topic title in breadcrumbs. Primy
FAQ Manager Adds an easy to use FAQ Manager to the ACP. EXreaction
Fancy jQuery Captcha plugin Adds a fancy jQuery plugin CAPTCHA mtotheikle
Forum Favicon This MOD allows you to add a favicon to be displayed on browsers. nidhal
Forum Runner Forum Runner is a vBulletin and phpBB forum add-on that allows your users to access your forum at blazing fast speeds by using a native application installed on their mobile phone.
Forum SEO Forum SEO will let you use different forum description on index and viewforum.
Often we use short descriptions on index, else it will look messy.
The same description is displayed on viewforum. Thats not wise SEO.
We want at better description on viewforum, something the search engine can use to index our forums.
The description can also be used in the meta tag.
We will also make an improvement to the keywords meta tag.
Genders This MOD will allow your members to specify their Gender. They can chose between "Male", "Female" and "None specified". eviL<3
Group Icons Set the icon for groups in your board. The group icon will be display beside the username link on all pages. autinhyeu
Groupleader needed Displays the number of pending members for all groups the user is leader of next to the User Control Panel link on the index page of the forum vindex
Groups page Allows users to see groups via a link in overall_footer RMcGirr83
Highlight From Search Engine This MOD attempts to apply the same word highlighting to posts when you come from a search engine like Google, MSN Search, or Yahoo, as you get when you use the built in phpBB3 search. joebert
Inactive and Banned User's Custom Titles & Avatars This MOD assigns one of "the Inactive for X months" (3 months default), "Deactivated", "Banned" and "Suspended until X time" custom titles and/or avatars, also provides two default avatars and remove rank images of inactive users. mtrs
Instant Post Redirect Redirects instantly after posting a message instead of using meta redirection. eviL<3
Integrated Error Messages This MOD allows server error messages such as 404 errors to be handled by a page integrated with the message board. Phantom784
Karma allows users to karma people. This MOD has extended configuration via ACP and UC m157y
Knowledge Base A full Knowledge Base add-on for phpBB Imladris
Links page This MOD will add a Link page to your board (using faq.php). DoYouSpeakWak
Login After Activation allows members to login after they have activated with the activation link. Comkid
Manage attachments ACP module This mod adds attachments management module to ACP. rxu
Member List Permission Detail This MOD takes the standard phpBB3.0.x permission, "Can view profiles, memberlist and online list," and subdivides it into 4 permissions: "Can view profiles," "Can view memberlist," "Can view leaders," and "Can view online users." Kim_Possible
Moderator Needed Displays the number of reported posts combined with posts that need approval next to the Moderator Control Panel link on the index page of the forum RMcGirr83
Mods Database Adds a simple Mods Database for keeping track of the mods installed on the board with possibility to add various additional information.
Mod detail page to view the additional information, admins with appropriate permissions  will be able to see installation date on mod detail page.
Named Modules Converts links like ucp.php?i=163 to ucp.php?i=main. Also makes the View messages module be selected by default instead of the Compose message one when, in the UCP, you click on the Private messages tab. TerraFrost
No more outdated browsers Display the No more outdated browsers warning to all users browsing the forum with outdated browser (Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, IE - you can choose which browser is outdated via ACP), to encourage them to upgrade to a modern browser. In ACP you can choose which alternative browsers are displayed in warning to download, and where to display the warning (header, footer, both or only index). In ACP are some next options too. Kamahl19
Not-a-Clue replaces the "Not Authorized" error for trying to access a forum with the error for "No such forum", so that users won't snoop. Desdenova
Optimize database An ACP module to optimise fragmented tables ErnadoO
PM Blocking by Users Adds two UCP modules to let users block private messages from users in their PM blacklist with the option of entering blocking reasons for each user. Also provides the PM whitelist feature to allow receiving private messages only from the users in PM whitelist. Gives the ability to administrators blocking some users sending PMs to some others by entering at ACP users overview page. It can also prevent receiving PMs from foes. mtrs
PM Search Adds a search-box in your pm-folders.
Can search in subjects and / or messages.
For senders and / or recepients.
Case sensitive or insensitive.
Can search for whole or partial words / sentenses.
Can search for exact query, all words or any word.
Page Title Numbers The purpose of this MOD is to convert the topic page title to a dynamic title which is relevant to the pagination of a topic. This prevents your board from having the same page title used throughout topics that contain multiple pages. The use of the same title from page to page is considered non user friendly and may be misinterpreted as duplicate pages in the eyes of search engine bots such as Google. This MOD will also prevent Google error reporting on those topic pages that use the same title. Greenweaver