These modifications were created by the community at and have been used on PJ.

Mod Title Description Author
Page Titles Optimization edits the page titles to be much more useful when running multiple tabs and browsers as well as helping your forum SEO as Search Engines do Scan page titles. So instead of View Topic/Forum Site Name. Its Topic/Forum Name Site Name. Unknown Bliss
Post Revisions Stores each revision of a post every time a post is edited. It will only make these past revisions viewable to those users who have the necessary permissions. primehalo
Preserve Post Spaces This MOD preserves the original spacing entered into a post when output to a browser.

Browsers will, as stated in the W3C specifications, treat contiguous strings of white-space as a single space.

This MOD will also allow for line wrapping when needed, preventing layout breaking.
This MOD also converts tabs into the equivalent of eight spaces that will be preserved in the browser as well.
Prevent Topic View Increase by Author This modification will stop the view counter from increasing on a topic when the original author views it. BondGamer
Prime Links This MOD will fix links inside posts so that local links are correctly classified as such. It will also apply a target to external links. primehalo
Prime Login Return Returns a user to the page they were at prior to logging in. primehalo
Prime Logout Return Returns a user to the page they were at prior to logging out, unless they were in the Admin Control Panel, Moderator Control Panel, or User Control Panel. primehalo
Prime Memberlist Filter This MOD will add a form field to the memberlist page which allows for filtering of the memberlist by username or the start of a username. primehalo
Prime Quick Buddies Introduces icons for quickly setting post authors as friends or foes. primehalo
Prime Quick Login Adds a login area to the top of every page. primehalo
Prime Quote Remover Automatically removes any quote blocks that exceed the specified quote depth so the poster isn't presented with an error message and forced to do it manually. primehalo
Prime Topic Move Provides the ability to enter a reason for moving a topic, the ability to display information about the move, and the ability to undo the move. primehalo
Prime Trash Bin Allows topics and posts to be kept when they are deleted so that they can be reviewed before being permanently deleted (or undeleted). Also, provides the ability to enter a reason for the deletion, and allows deleted topics to be moved to a specified Trash Bin forum. These deleted topics and posts can be viewed, undeleted, or permanently deleted by those with the proper permissions. Permanent deletion will occur when deleting topics in the Trash Bin forum or topics and posts that have already been marked as deleted. primehalo
Prime View Self Adds a link allowing users to quickly access their public profile from within the Profile section of their User Control Panel. primehalo
Print All Posts in Topic This modification will allow a user to print all posts with in a topic. Currently when clicking on the print icon in prosilver, the current posts being displayed on the screen are sent to the printable html file. With this mod, by clicking on the print all posts link, all of the posts within the topic will be sent to the html file for printing/storage. RMcGirr83
Private Message Moderation Moderate the private messages sent by users on a phpBB3 bulletin board. Administrators can view the private message database and delete private messages using this Administration Control Panel plugin. twosheds_
Profile Fields Control Adds an ACP module to activate and deactivate default profile fields. It can also display or display and require profile fields on registration screen. Also adds user permissions to hide default profile fields on UCP profile page. Users can be forced to fill required profile fields by redirecting to UCP profile page. mtrs
Profile Privacy allow to hide your profile and the profile information for others. We can hide the user's profile, the user's information displayed in the viewtopic on the right hand and block the possibility to search his posts on the forums. For specific users (for example foes), it also removes users from the memberlist that have the privacy option enabled. daroPL
Profile friend list Adds a friend list to user profiles platinum_2007
Rules page This MOD will add a Rules page to your board (using faq.php). DoYouSpeakWak
Save full drafts Allows users to save their posts and pms as drafts while preserving attachments, polls, etc. (the regular phpbb3 approach only saves the title and message). Also simplifies drafts interface to be more intuitive (e.g. eliminates distinction between loading and viewing or editing a draft and shows draft posts and draft pms on one list under different captions). asinshesq
Search user logs Mod adds in ACP the possibility of search logs for a particular user. daroPL
Select viewable Custom Profiles Add's two options in the custom profile fields to select weather a custom profile field can be viewable on the viewtopic profile area and in members profiles,
If gives better choice if you only want a limited number in the viewtopic instead of having the default none or all showing, in the members profile and viewtopic.
Simple Profile comments Simple Comment mod on users profiles with comment privacy features. Full Administration over comments via the ACP. platinum_2007
Single Post Link Adds a post number in viewtopic.php for each individual post which links to that particular post. JStraitiff
Sitemap FX Generate sitemap.xml for search engines (Yahoo, Google, etc.). Nice tool for SEO. FladeX
Social Networking Buttons 2.2.1 Adds 8 new links/buttons next to the typical www, AIM, MSN, YIM buttons on the mini profile in viewtopic_body.html:
Bebo, Blogger, Facebook, GoodReads, LinkedIn, MySpace, Netlog and Twitter
Sortables CAPTCHA Plugin This CAPTCHA plugin adds two columns, you can add options to each column. All the options will be displayed into one column, then the user has to sort the options from one to the other column, by dragging them with the mouse. If the options are dragged to the correct columns the CAPTCHA is solved. Derky
Static Pages This MOD adds a module to the ACP through which you can add static pages on the forum. ameeck
Tapatalk Tapatalk is a forum app for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia. The app provides super fast forum access to any vBulletin, IPBoard, phpBB and SMF forums that have activated Tapatalk. Forum owner can download the free plug-in to activate Tapatalk in your forum.
Temporary Shadow Topics Gives the ability to leave limited time shadow topics. Shadow topics are pruned at a frequency which can be set at ACP. Previous shadow topics are not affected from this modification. Also, adds an mcp module to list and easily delete shadow topics. mtrs
Topic Preview Displays an excerpt from the first post of a topic when the user hovers their mouse over the topic title, using the browser's built-in tooltip ability. The amount of text shown can be defined in the ACP, and the mod can also be turned off. It's much more simplified than other similar mods (no javascript or css needed), this version is designed to mimic the vbulletin method. VSE
Topics descriptions Add the possibility of describe topics, in posting page. Based on permissions per forum.
Descriptions are displayed in viewtopic, viewforum, search results (only display results as topic) and MCP forum.
Tracker Full tracker add-on JRSweets
Unsubcribe User Allows a user to delete his account in UCP tas2580
Upcoming Birthday list Shows upcoming birthdays on index page, number of days can be modified via ACP. lefty74
Update attachment This mod adds an "Update attachment" button to upload attachments form. rxu
User Blog Mod Adds Blogs to a phpBB3 board. EXreaction
User IP Logs This mod will log all unique ip's from all registered users as they log in.

To avoid redundant logging the mod only records unique IP's for each user. If a user log's on with an IP that they have no previously logged in with, the new IP will be recorded.

The mod add's a new section to the logs area in the ACP which allow's you to very easily view the User IP Logs.
Username Colour Change Gives the option to permitted users to change own username colour. Admins can change username colours at ACP. mtrs
Username change requests This MOD will enable your forum members to submit requests to change their own usernames. The MOD can be set to override the the current settings of either or both the "Allow username changes" Configuration & the "Can change username" Permission.

Submitted requests can be approved or disapproved through an MCP module by Admins or Mods with the newly installed permission "Can approve username change requests". (The MOD automatically assigns this permission to the "Full Moderator" role)
View Profile Adds the ability to link to the currently logged in user's own profile from anywhere on the board. Default is in overall_header.html JStraitiff
View or mark unread posts Adds a 'View unread posts' or 'You have no unread posts' link on the index page (and, for subsilver2, each other page). Also adds a 'Mark post as unread' link at the bottom of each post. asinshesq
View your topics This mod adds a 'View your topics' link in the header ErnadoO
Ward of Necromancy This modification will allow board administrators to set the amount of days until a topic expires from the last reply. Once expired, only authorized users can reply/edit/vote/etc. in that topic. In essence is stops topic necromancy. BondGamer
Warning Reasons Allows an Administrator to set reasons for giving a warning. Similar to how reasons are set for reports. RMcGirr83
mChat Ðœini-chat for the forum index and seperate page RMcGirr83
phpBB Arcade Full arcade add-on for phpBB JRSweets
phpBB Twitter This MOD enables a board owner to automatically tweet new posts from a designated forum and manually tweet from directly the ACP SyntaxError90