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Traditional Jiu jitsu

submitted on Saturday 03 Mar by Snakes to General Jitsu Discussions

Is there anyone teaching traditional jiu jitsu lessons in yorkshire

Traditional Jiu jitsu

submitted on Saturday 03 Mar by Snakes to General Jitsu Discussions

Is there anyone teaching traditional jiu jitsu lessons in yorkshire

Help, which Ju-Jitsu Association?

submitted on Saturday 30 Sep by 13 to General Jitsu Discussions

After 26 years, I returned to martial arts, I previously practised in Ju jitsu up to purple belt at a WJJF club in London, moved out to the southern counties and never found anything until now.
18 months ago I started my ten year old daughter doing Judo and wondered whether, as I had kept myself fit,  I could get back on the mat. I tried one club which was too gung ho/atemi based and at that point my level of fitness and flexibility was not as good. Then I found a Sensei running a small club, a little hidden away.  He is nearly 80 trained originally with Abe Sensei (at the hut) and then did his Jujitsu first dan with WJJF and Bob Clarke and his further dans with Goshin. He is 4th Dan Judo, 3rd dan Ju Jitsu. Old school traditional.

I started to help with Junior classes, so i could get free catch up tuition and we were joined by another older 2nd Dan judo guy who knew Sensei from 'The Hut' days, who had heard he was there when he moved into the area Its in an area with a lot of competition and classes fluctuated and I was asked me to help further with the club, set up websites, Facebook etc and build profile, which we have done and stabilised the club.

We are affiliated with The BJC for Judo and have dropped our British Goshin Jitsu affiliation as they appear fragmented with not a lot going on. (correct me if I am wrong). For Ju jitsu we are looking for a Ju Jitsu association that we can work with initially to support the club and give us a focus, where instructor training, training camps and a clear syllabus is available and will recognise our present qualifications.

I am lost in the politics of all the splits, When I was practising I worked with Terry Parkers section of WJJF,  that I see has now become the BJJAGB. I am aware of the WJJF and the BJJAGB that I think The Jitsu Foundation affiliate with BJJAGB and I have experimented with a local Jitsu foundation club to see what it was like. Where does Jikishin fit into all this

I am looking for th...

Ground work seminar

submitted on Sunday 19 Feb by Sutoritojiujitsu to Courses & Events

Street Jiu Jitsu want to hold a ground work seminar in March.

To be held in Stourbridge.

Dawley Brook Road.

If anyone is interested please let me know.

Let me know your preferred date then I can go with the majority.

Beginner's are more than welcome to come and watch.

Lessons are at Holy Trinity Church Hall on Wednesday at 7pm if you want to come and watch or have a taster lesson.

Class relocation to Wordsley, Stourbridge. Wednesday 7pm

submitted on Sunday 19 Feb by Sutoritojiujitsu to Yellow Pages

Street (Sutorito) Jiu Jitsu classes previously held on  a Tuesday evening have now moved to Holy Trinity Church Hall, High Street, Wordsley, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 5RU.

7pm start 8pm finish.  Every Wednesday.

Small friendly group perfect for all levels.

Beginner's welcome.

Come and watch or try a taster lesson.

Lessons are £5.00

Contact Jim Ward on 07797778563

Follow us on Facebook at Street Jiu Jitsu

Member update

submitted on Saturday 22 Oct by captaintau to General Jitsu Discussions

So what's everyone up to? On and off the mat?

Congratulations Scruffy

submitted on Friday 29 Jul by captaintau to General Jitsu Discussions

Last weekend Scruffy *finally* made it to Shodan in Aikido. Admittedly it was Tomiki Aikido but we'll not hold that against her.  :clap:

Is WJJF effective

submitted on Wednesday 20 Jul by martialartsfan to General Jitsu Discussions

Hi i recently had an experience which made me think a lot about whether or not WJJF is effective as a martial art and whether or not I should continue training
From when I was a teenager I always loved martial arts and mainly due to the location of were I live i've never been able to fully commit to an established club and over roughly 8 years various clubs have opened up in my town but none of the club's ever lasted longer than a year due to lack of interest. (boxing, mma, taekwondo, judo, bjj and kickboxing) Throughout all these clubs there has been a core group of guys like myself that attended who love martial arts but lacked the means to train full time until the WJJF came to town and opened a club. (been opened just over 3 years now).
We are all now going for our first national grading (blue belt) in November and our sensei said it would be a good idea if we were to attend some of the more larger clubs for a nights training with senior black belts withing the federation. (our first time coming into any contact with any1 outside our club).
during the warmup my first impression was that all the guys seemed to be unfit and overweight and then we went on the do some sparing and rolling drills which tbh was that shockingly bad has made me start this forum and ask for advice!!
These guys range from 1st to 3rd dan roughly 11 people in total and with ease 7 green belts comformtly bet them all in terms of both fitness and technique.
Just to make it clear I fully respect my sensei and the WJJF for everything it stands for and I have learnt a lot of techniques and made friends through it but now at the age of 25 I'm seriously considering quiting. i'm wondering if there is any1 else out there with similar experience and what they done in this situation

Thanks in advance

Rosi Sexton Course, Shrawley, Apr 3

submitted on Monday 04 Apr by Fluffy_the_happy_lobster to General Jitsu Discussions

Attened the above on Sunday. Only downer was the number of idiots crashing on the way home which extended travel time a chunk.

Excellent training session as always, and great to cath up with some PJ'ers.

A bit of time on the academics of injury prevention to shoulders, and some exercises to help make shoulders a little more resillient and to deal with the fairly nasty sounding 'grumpy shoulder syndrome'.

Then on to causing shoulder injury - some variations on shoulder locks, a couple of straight arm bars for completion and some time for some bits of 1-1 coaching and trouble shooting. Don't underestimate the value of good conditioner, longer hair and the ability to wiggle. Always fun to see the big guys in the room picked on. More so as it wasn't me this time...

Excellent session all around. There will probably be futher sessions later in the year.


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