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Lau Gar

Postby captaintau » Sat Sep 08, 2012 11:43 pm | #1

I understand remains the most practised Chinese Martial Art in Britain. For that reason I suspect that some other [ PJ ] members will have done it at some point. It was my first art. My Sifu was Vince Lewis. If everything I'm lead to believe is true, Vince reached 6th degee under the head of style in Britain, Master Jeremy Yau. However, Vince had already become unhappy with the training or Master Yau (or both) so on passing his grade he left to form his own organisation. He never collected his 6th degree certificate so advertises himself as 5th degree.

I reached White Sash (the first grade) in January 1991 in Lau Gar. Thereafter came the split and my subsequent grades were in Vince's modified system.

Over the years I've become glad of my training in Lau Gar as it gave me solid fundamentals. Yet I've also come to regard the system as highly flawed (in the same way as Taekwondo and "modern" Karate) and incredibly limited. Yet it remains popular.

Today the first-syllabus DVD has arrived. I just had a desire to revisit this system despite my feelings about it. Quite a lot is different to how I was trained. Yes, the memory plays tricks on you and it's quite possible that I don't remember things correctly. Yet I know for certain that I was taught the traditional horizontal punch from the hip. This isn't how it's done most of the time in the DVD. This makes me question:
- Did Vince have a complete grasp of the system, or were things withheld from him
- Did he start making modifications even before splitting from the association?
- Given that he split from them twenty-one years ago, have they continued to evolve the style? Is Vince therefore essentially caught in a timewarp of teaching what he knew at the time? I certainly hope that the style has evolved.

I welcome your thoughts and I hope that much like the GKR thread, Lau Gar members might find their way here and give some input.
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