Help, which Ju-Jitsu Association?

political, fragmented, who to trust.

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Help, which Ju-Jitsu Association?

Postby 13 » Sat Sep 30, 2017 6:48 pm | #1

After 26 years, I returned to martial arts, I previously practised in Ju jitsu up to purple belt at a WJJF club in London, moved out to the southern counties and never found anything until now.
18 months ago I started my ten year old daughter doing Judo and wondered whether, as I had kept myself fit,  I could get back on the mat. I tried one club which was too gung ho/atemi based and at that point my level of fitness and flexibility was not as good. Then I found a Sensei running a small club, a little hidden away.  He is nearly 80 trained originally with Abe Sensei (at the hut) and then did his Jujitsu first dan with WJJF and Bob Clarke and his further dans with Goshin. He is 4th Dan Judo, 3rd dan Ju Jitsu. Old school traditional.

I started to help with Junior classes, so i could get free catch up tuition and we were joined by another older 2nd Dan judo guy who knew Sensei from 'The Hut' days, who had heard he was there when he moved into the area Its in an area with a lot of competition and classes fluctuated and I was asked me to help further with the club, set up websites, Facebook etc and build profile, which we have done and stabilised the club.

We are affiliated with The BJC for Judo and have dropped our British Goshin Jitsu affiliation as they appear fragmented with not a lot going on. (correct me if I am wrong). For Ju jitsu we are looking for a Ju Jitsu association that we can work with initially to support the club and give us a focus, where instructor training, training camps and a clear syllabus is available and will recognise our present qualifications.

I am lost in the politics of all the splits, When I was practising I worked with Terry Parkers section of WJJF,  that I see has now become the BJJAGB. I am aware of the WJJF and the BJJAGB that I think The Jitsu Foundation affiliate with BJJAGB and I have experimented with a local Jitsu foundation club to see what it was like. Where does Jikishin fit into all this

I am looking for the best organisation for us to affiliate with as we are southern counties, everyone seems to be london or north of london. If you can bring me up to date on the politics and give any advise I would be grateful.
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Re: Help, which Ju-Jitsu Association?

Postby captaintau » Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:53 am | #2

I don't know how to reply to that.

Politics. Yes. Unavoidable. Bollocks. Everyone knows everyone and most people have fallen out at some point in the past. It's one of those awkward discussions. I'm not a believer in ignorance being bliss, but in martial arts I wish I was more naïve that I am. Life was easier that way.

My question is why you need to affiliate at all? Can you not be happily independent?

You're welcome to e-mail me on and we can exchange dog-and-bone numbers and I'll see if I can help. I went independent about four years ago and it was the best thing I ever did in martial arts. That said I do have a couple of affiliations, but only to groups to who provide background support and are very "hands-off."
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Postby vinay » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:15 am | #3

you can visit for some tips in fightings.
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Martial Arts

Postby vinay » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:16 am | #4

you can visit for some tips in fightings.
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